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Considering abortion? Start with a cost-free medical consultation that can include pregnancy testing and an ultrasound to confirm proof of pregnancy and how far along you are. This information can determine which options are available to you.
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Get Answers on the Abortion Pill & At-Home Abortions

The abortion pill is FDA-approved up through 10 weeks after your last menstrual period (LMP). An ultrasound can determine how far along you are, if the pregnancy is viable, and give you the information you need to plan your next steps. We can also provide more information about your options and the pregnancy resources available to women in Illinois.
For your health and safety, an ultrasound should be performed prior to an abortion.

Pre-Abortion Safety Checklist

  • Is the pregnancy viable? A positive pregnancy test is an indicator of pregnancy, not a verification. Before you pay for an abortion, rule out a naturally occurring miscarriage.

  • Is the pregnancy occurring in the uterus? It’s important to rule out an ectopic pregnancy before you take any medication or before a procedure.

  • Have you been tested for STDs? If you are considering an abortion procedure, ruling out an STI can prevent further infection or PID (pelvic inflammatory disease).

  • Do you know your Rh factor? This can determine if you need a RhogAM shot after an abortion is complete.

  • Do you know how far along you are? The type of abortion and the cost of an abortion is determined by this information. We provide an ultrasound for you at no cost. 

Common Abortion Procedures

Aspiration Abortion

Aspiration or vacuum abortion is the most common type of first-trimester and early second-trimester abortion.

D&C and D&E Abortions

These types of surgical abortions are typically performed at 15 weeks or later.

While we do not perform abortion procedures, we can help answer any questions you may have about what to expect, side effects, and your options.

Things to Note

Our services are provided to clients without regard to age, race, income, nationality, religious affiliation, disability, or other arbitrary circumstances.  As a 501c3 non-profit that does not provide termination services, we never profit from your pregnancy decision.  Ultrasounds and pregnancy testing are sometimes not performed on the same day.

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