If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and aren’t comfortable with abortion but don’t feel ready to parent, you may be thinking about adoption.

This difficult but loving choice can be rewarding and healing. Below, we outline information on different types of adoption plans you can make as well as the next steps in the process.

Different Adoption Plans

Up until recently, adoption had a certain stigma. Birth mothers were sometimes viewed in a negative light, and adoption plans for the most part were closed.

All of that has changed, and for the better. Now, birth mothers can choose from a number of adoption plans and make the choice they feel will be best for them and their future. Here’s an overview of the different kinds of plans you can choose between.

Open Adoption

Today, this is the most popular adoption plan. In it, the birth mother chooses the adoptive family and all identifying information is exchanged. This allows them to keep in touch as often as both parties agree upon.

Closed Adoption

While less common today, this plan allows for the birth mother and adoptive family to remain anonymous. Women who choose this plan often do so because they want a clean break and fresh start after the pregnancy and birth.

Semi-Open Adoption

Finally, this adoption plan provides a middle option. Some communication can take place between the birth mother and adoptive family but is more limited than in an open adoption. Your adoption agency will help you set all the terms for this option.

Is Adoption Right for Me?

Only you can answer this question, but with the variety of plans available today, adoption can be a healing and hopeful process.

As the birth mother, you will pay for nothing during the adoption process. All decisions are in your court, and you can choose what you feel is best for you and your circumstances.

If you’re interested in exploring the option of adoption, we can help. We provide referrals to community agencies that can walk you through the process and provide information on all your options. Contact us for more information today.

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