Do you sometimes feel like abortion is the only solution to an unwanted pregnancy? Women who have experienced adverse side effects from previous abortions may want to consider other options. If that’s you, this article is for you! 

Abortion alternatives offer women a choice. But it is ultimately about how the benefits and risks impact your unique situation. The following are a couple of abortion alternatives to consider.


Dreams.  Adoption allows women to continue to achieve the dreams they held dear prior to becoming pregnant. After the child is born, a woman can be free to fulfill all she aspires to do. 

Protection.  Although we often think abortion is easy, it is actually not risk free.  Adoption protects women from the physical risks of an abortion and often provides a sense of accomplishment. For example, birth mothers can select the family that will raise her child; she can choose to remain involved in the child’s life or not at all. 

Support.  Many opportunities exist for birth mothers. Women who choose adoption do not have to bear the weight of their pregnancy alone. Many birth mothers receive assistance for prenatal appointments, maternity clothes, and housing. 

Courage.  Be fully aware, choosing adoption takes courage. Many birth mothers will experience a period of grief and loss. However, birth mothers always have the joy of knowing they chose life for their child and that their child is thriving in a loving home. 


Fear.  Many young women don’t feel equipped to become a mother and thus begin looking into abortions and other alternatives. At times, fear overwhelms pregnant women.  Research shows that fear is the most common reason women choose abortion instead of parenting. 

Community.  But did you know most women can become great mothers? A community of support, both emotionally and financially, is available to assist women in their choice to parent. 

The Community You Need 

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