Since we approach healthcare holistically, we want you to be fully educated on all of your options. If pregnant, you have three options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. Learn more here today.

We also offer a variety of classes to meet your needs.

Class on Friendship

What is a friend?  Do you have what it takes to be a friend?  Learn the essential aspects of friendship and begin to develop meaningful relationships that are a sheltering tree in times of trouble.

Budgeting Class

Living paycheck to paycheck?  Running short every month?  Learn how to live a more sane life on what you earn.

Cooking Class

Tired of fast food?  Does everything you cook lack flavor?  Learn how to cook tasty meals on a budget. Complete the course and receive a set of pots and pans.

Birthing class

You’ve decided to keep your baby… Now what!  Learn what to expect when you are expecting and enjoy this wonderful journey.

Pregnancy/Parenting Education

Our team of advocates at Destiny for Women Health Center is committed to educating you about all things pregnancy and parenting so you are ready to take on all that’s ahead. Our free and confidential resources and support can equip you to face all that comes with this new phase of your life.

Many first-time parents ask questions like…

  • How many ultrasounds do I need?
  • What kind of prenatal vitamins should I take?
  • How do I get my infant to sleep?
  • How am I going to support my child?
  • When do I bathe my child?
  • How do I raise a child as a single mom or dad?

We hope to answer all of these questions and more with our educational resources available.

To learn about all of our educational resources, contact us today to talk. Take one step at a time. We are here to support you!

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